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Crerar Hotels. Supported Charities - Education

National Youth Orchestras Scotland – Crerar Hotels Trust donated a total of £20,000. The National Youth Orchestras Scotland (NYOS) provides musical opportunities for young musicians throughout Scotland. Ont top of this, the NYOS also run workshops throughout Scotland for the counrty's nurseries, primary and secondary schools. Visit National Youth Orchestras Scotland website.

Calibre Audio Library - Crerar Hotels Trust has donated £5,000
If your sight is poor - or if you have another disability that prevents you reading print - you can still enjoy all the pleasure a good book brings. Our library has the largest lending collection of audio books in the UK in open format - that's to say, you don't need special playback equipment. That means there is something for all tastes and you can listen anywhere, at home or on the move. Visit Calibre Audio Library website.

Royal Scottish National Orchestra - Crerar Hotels has donated £10,000
Formed in 1891 as the Scottish Orchestra, the company became the Scottish National Orchestra in 1950, and was awarded Royal Patronage in 1991. The Crerar Trust has funded £10,000 towards the RSNO’s National Healthcare Programme. Visit Royal Scottish National Orchestra website.

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland - Crerar Hotels Trust has donated £9,389.
Established in 1909, by an Edinburgh lawyer Thomas Gillespie, the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland has been working to promote the awareness and conservation of rare and endangered animals for over 100 years.Visit Royal Zoological Society of Scotland's website

Scottish Book Trust - Crerar Hotels Trust has donated £85,000
Scottish Book Trust is the national agency for the promotion of literature, reading and writing in Scotland. They develop award-winning projects that encourage people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to become literate, read for pleasure, write, and be inspired by books.Visit Scottish Book Trust's website

Islay & Jura Highland Dancers - Crerar Hotels Trust has donated £3,000

Live Music Now - Crerar Hotels Trust has donated £6,000
For over thirty years, LMN has been putting into practice the visionary ideals of its founders, Yehudi Menuhin and Ian Stoutzker; bringing the joy and inspiration of live music to those who have limited access to conventional music-making, and helping to develop the careers of young talented musicians.Visit Live Music Now's website.

Wild Things - Crerar Hotels Trust donated £10,000.
Wild things is a Scottish Environmental Education charity based on the magnificent Moray Firth. We offer a variety of inspiring Wilderness and Nature experiences for all ages and all abilities, regardless of learning challenges, physical or financial difficulties, even fear of spiders! Visit Wild Things website.

National Library of Scotland - Crerar Hotels Trust pledged £50,000.
The National Library of Scotland is a reference library with world-class collections. NLS is also Scotland's largest library and one of the major research libraries in Europe. Their collections range from rare historical documents to online journals, covering every subject. They specialise in Scotland's knowledge, history and culture. Visit National Library of Scotland Website

Argyll Piping Trust - Crerar Hotels Trust donated £5000.
The Argyllshire Gathering Piping Trust was constituted as a charitable trust by Deed of Trust registered on 16th May 1979 with an initial sum of £100 raised from the general funds of The Argyllshire Gathering. The name of the Charity was changed to The Argyll Piping Trust with effect from 1st January 2009. The general object declared in the Trust Deed is ‘to advance the education of the public in the art of the Highland Bagpipe and of Scottish Dancing and Folk Music. Visit Argyll Piping Trust website.

Venture Trust - Crerar Hotels donated £26,500.
They enable people to develop the strategies they need to succeed for the rest of their lives. The participants begin to discover that there are strengths that they didn't think they had, aspects of their background and personality that they can draw upon. Venture Trust helps people recognise what they need to change then - through time, space and intensive support in carefully designed programmes - gives them the confidence, motivation and life skills they need to make those changes. Visit Venture Trust website.

Beannachar Camphill Community - Crerar Hotels Trust has donated £25,000.
Beannachar's Camphill Community provides training for young adults with special needs. Beannacher is located just outside Aberdeen in a large 19th Century house. Their aim is to provide an environment in which young people can obtain guidance and support during their development into adulthood.
Visit Beannachar Camphill Community's website.

Blythswood Care - Crerar Hotels Trust has donated £14,300.
Blythswood Care are a Christian charity who help people locally and throughout the world. They give relief and development aid or social projects to people of all ages, helping thousands in Europe, Africa & Asia. For every £1 donated, Blythswood delivers more than £5 worth of aid. Visit Blythswood Care's website.

Commonwealth Youth Exchange - Crerar Hotels Trust has donated £2,000.
The Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council (CYEC) is an educational charity whose aim is "the development of young people and their communities and the promotion of international understanding across the Commonwealth." CYEC work together with local young people and their youth leaders and have almost 40 years of experience.
Visit Commonwealth Youth Exchange's website.

Garvald Training Centre - Crerar Hotels Trust donated £15,520.
Garvald Edinburgh is a Scottish charity offering creative opportunities and support for adults with learning disabilities. This is done through training workshops where crafts, catering and artisitic skills are learned, as well as through offering supported accommodation. Visit Garvald Training Centre's website.

HIT Scotland - Crerar Hotels Trust donated £185,000.
The Hospitality Industry Trust (HIT) is a Scottish organisation whosae aim is to raise money to be used in the support of the hospitality sector. HIT want to raise standards as high as they can go in the industry and for the past 14 years has been using these funds to help trainess penetrate the sector, allowing it to grow and improve. Visit HIT Scotland's website.

Listening Books - Crerar Hotels Trust has donated £6,000.
Founded in 1959, Listening Books has a membership of approximately 4000 people. The organisation supports individuals with various print impairments such as arthritis, ME, stroke, visual impairment and also conditions such as autism and dyslexia.
Visit Listening Books website.

U Can Do I.T - Crerar Hotels has donated £5,970.
Their mission statement reads, "Our mission is to help every disabled person who could benefit from a computer and computer training get what they need." U Can Do IT provide training for blind, deaf and physically disabled people. This is carried out in their own homws and creates independence and opportunity for the people.Visit U Can Do I.T's website.

Edinburgh International Book Festival - Crerar Hotels Trust supported this charity by donating £1,000 to outreach workshops. Visit Edinburgh International Book Festival website.

Bag Books - Crerar Hotels Trust supported this charity by donating £5,000 to purchase full-day of multi-sensory storytelling for 5 Special Schools, for more information, please, visit Bag Books website.

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