Shooting, Stalking and Hunting in the Isle of Mull

The Isle of Mull is famed for its vast abundance of wildlife and fantastic scenery, making it a great location for a Scottish shooting break.

Hunting is a time honoured tradition and integral part of life on the Isle of Mull. Red deer have roamed the landscape for thousands of years and venison is a popular dish in many homes and restaurants.

Along with red and roe deer, there are plenty of smaller animals and game that you can hunt for sport. Pigeons, woodcocks, snipes, geese, mallards and teals, along with hares and rabbits find their way into many dishes on the Isle of Mull.

The Isle of Mull really is a fantastic location to channel your inner hunter-gatherer instinct and enjoy a riveting Scottish shooting holiday.

Woodcock Hunting

This small company specialises in helping hunters track down the elusive Woodcock. On a good day you may find yourself catching 25 of them!

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Contact: Bob Glynn on +44 (0)7795 214934

Benmore Estate

The Benmore Estate is a great location for deer stalking. The deer forest landscape ranges from the native woodlands alongside Loch Ba and within Glen Clachaig through the sheltered corries of Glen Clachaig and Glen Cannel to the peaks above. The Bemore Estate team can accompany less experienced hunters to the hill and recover and store the carcasses for you.

Stalking Seasons:

Our stag season runs from 1st July to the 20th October

Our Hind season runs from 21st October to the 15th February.

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