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Discover Iona

Iona is unique and tranquil place located off the south west coast of Mull. It is here St Columba arrived in 563 AD with the mission of spreading Christianity throughout Britain. A ferry operates out of Fionnphort on Mull, and runs regularly throughout the day. Tickets can be purchased in advance from the Tourist Information Centre in Craignure, or on the ferry itself.

The ferry arrives at the pier in Baile Mor – which ironically translates from Gaelic as “big town.” Baile Mor of course is anything but a big town. However, much like the rest of the island, what it lacks in size it more than make up for with its charm. The island is home to 90 permanent residents who are renowned for their friendly nature and helpfulness.

At 3 miles long and 1.5 miles wide Iona is easily walkable in a day and with its unique geological features there is plenty to discover and see. The island is of course, best known for Iona Abbey. The original Abbey constructed by St Columba and his followers was built of wood, wattle and daub, of which there is no remains today. The Abbey as it stands now has evolved over centuries of visitors coming to the island, and serves as a reminder of the early, humble, beginnings of a faith that shaped the destiny of a country. A must see for any visitor on the Isle of Iona.

Other attractions of note on the island include the Iona Nunnery, established in 1203 and the remains are among the best examples of a medieval nunnery in Britain, St Orans Chapel, resting place to the ancient Kings of Scotland, Norway, France and Ireland, and some stunning picturesque beaches.

With regular ferries leaving from Fionnphoirt, guests of the Isle of Mull Hotel & Spa will have the perfect opportunity to discover the Isle of Iona's rich history and charm.

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