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Mountain Biking and Cycle Tours on the Isle of Mull

The Isle of Mull offers the perfect setting for cyclists of any discipline. Whether mountain biking or road cycling, the Isle of Mull has tracks and roads to suit all levels.

Discovering the Isle of Mull by bike is a fantastic way to explore the island. We have uploaded two well known road tracks on our interactive map, as well as a description of a breathtaking mountain bike route from Carsaig to Bunessan, combining some of the most difficult terrain with some of the most spectacular scenery on the Island.

If you would like to share a route of your own then please tell us about it!

The roads on the Isle of Mull are predominantly single track, with plenty of lay by on the route. Cycling is an excellent way to explore the island, and offers the opportunity to pursue those hidden tracks!

Carsaig to Bunessan
Combining single track desolate roads, cliff top sheep tracks and forest road, with some shoulder carrying bike sections. The total trail takes roughly half a day, but gives the opportunity for some spectacular views!
Cycle up Carsaig road, a steady climb for about 3 miles, where at the top of the road there is a visible track to the right. The top of the track gives some spectacular views of Carsaig Bay, so be sure to have camera’s at the ready. From here follow the direction to the cliff tops till you find a sheep track to the west. The top of the cliffs gives more stunning views.
Keep to the edge of the cliffs, where you will eventually come to a few small lochans. From here you can see the forest leading to Loch Assapol. Hug the shoulder of the hill on the left hand side, where it curves around and gives a spectacular view of a waterfall.
The terrain from here is mixed, with steep climbs and down hill areas. It’s roughly half a mile carry push then hard riding for about 1 mile. Keep heading up to the right till you come to a fence and there is a track which leads to the the forest. From here you will find the forest track which leads to Loch Assapol. Follow the road past Loch Assapol and arrive at Bunessan.

For more inforamtion on Cycling on the Isle of Mull visit the Isle of Mull cycling club here

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