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Puffin Island

Staffa Island (Puffin Island) is well known for its Basalt columns shooting up from the ocean like great pillars. The unique hexagonal pillars form the other end of the Giants Causeway which lies on the coast of County Antrim Northern Ireland. One of the most striking features of Staffa Island is Fingal’s Cave which has amazed visitors for centuries and was even the source of inspiration for Felix Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture.

The Island is of course also home to hundreds and hundreds of Puffins, who flock here every year for nesting. They nest in burrows and rocky crannies and lay one egg each. They survive predominantly off sand eels, which they will dive an astonishing 60m into the sea for.

These beautiful animals dominate the island, and if you have any images of Puffins, or anything else that caught your eye on Staffa we'd love to see them!

Puffins start arriving on the island between March and April where they form “rafts” on the water and gradually come ashore to nest. From May the chicks start to hatch, and the parents will tend to the nest until the chick is ready to survive on its own. The nests are abandoned in early August. When the chicks are ready they follow their parents and they will form rafts off the coast of Mull before their epic journey to the mid-Atlantic for the winter.

Tours to the island generally run between April 1st and October 31st. however, they are dependent on sea conditions. More information on tours can be found at the Craignure Tourist office, or at Tobermory Marina.

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