Spa Treatments & Price List

All treatments last for the number of minutes stated. However, please allow time before and after for consultation and homecare recommendations.

  • Ultimate relaxation
  • ELEMIS & Classic therapy
  • Multiple treatment rooms
  • Spa breaks & spa days

Neck, shoulder, face & scalp massage

  • 25 minutes - £30

Free muscles of existing tension and allow your body to relinquish residual stiffness, whilst promoting deep relaxation by speeding up circulation throughout these areas of the body.


Swedish massage

  • 25 minutes - £35 (back only)
  • 50 minutes - £75 (full body)

This traditional massage is excellent for releasing muscular tension and fatigue, promoting a general state of wellbeing. Swedish massage is beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, whilst decreasing muscle toxins. It also improves circulation and flexibility, easing tension. 


Mini facial

  • 25 minutes - £45

Ideal for those on the go. Your skin is cleansed, lightly exfoliated and gently massaged. A mask is then applied, followed by a veil of light moisturiser. Your skin will be left nourished and looking radiant.


Distinctive results

Each ELEMIS facial assures its own distinctive results, from intense sculpting to breakthrough anti-ageing techniques. Our highly qualified therapists will help prescribe the best option for your individual skin type, whilst delivering a tranquil ELEMIS experience with amazing effects.


ELEMIS Pro-Definition Lift & Contour

  • 50 minutes - £85

Powered by breakthrough technology, this facial helps restore the architecture of the face using the potent nutrients in plant actives found to help support the extra-cellular matrix. Creates a profoundly sculpted, youthful effect.


ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Age Defy

  • 50 minutes - £75

Tackle fine lines and wrinkles with the clinically proven* age-defying benefits of marine charged padina pavonica and red coral. Targeted massage encourages optimum cellular function for nourished, younger looking skin. 


ELEMIS Superfood Pro-Radiance

  • 50 minutes - £75

A nutritional boost rich in superfoods and essential minerals designed to pack stressed, dull skin with energising, detoxifying actives. Clinically proven* to leave skin plumper, radiant and lit-up with good health. 


ELEMIS Sensitive Skin Soother

  • 50 minutes - £75

Fragile skin needs special attention. A soothing massage technique helps reduce the appearance of redness and protects against daily stresses. Texture and moisture levels are dramatically restored. Skin is left supremely soothed, comfortable and calm.


ELEMIS White Brightening Pigment Perfector

  • 50 minutes - £75

Restores even skin tone, targeting unwanted areas of pigmentation. Encapsulated vitamin C acts as a potent brightener, inhibiting future pigmentation. The result is a more even, colour-corrected and illuminated complexion.


ELEMIS Anti-Blemish Mattify & Calm

  • 50 minutes - £75

A revelation for oily, congested or hormonal skin. This mattifying facial helps combat oil and shine, while intuitive massage helps restore micro-circulation. A deeply detoxifying treatment for clear, bright skin.


ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel

  • 50 minutes - £75

Clinically proven* to target the signs of ageing and uneven skin tone, this pioneering precision treatment uses layers of enzymes for powerful exfoliation and renewal. A new start for smoother, younger-looking skin.


ELEMIS High Performance Skin Energiser for Men

  • 50 minutes - £75

A hard-working facial for ageing, dehydrated skin and tired eyes. It maximises cell regeneration, as steam and extraction decongests. Multi-dynamic facial massage sequences boost circulation, whilst scalp and foot massage deeply relax.


*Independent Clinical Trials


ELEMIS Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage

  • 25 minutes - £40
  • 50 minutes - £75
  • 80 minutes - £85

Your therapist will select an aromatic oil according to your body's needs, be that muscle pain, stress relief, relaxation or balance. The flowing massage works deeper into the tension, encouraging optimum circulation. 


ELEMIS Deeper Than Deep Hot Stone Massage

  • 25 minutes - £40
  • 50 minutes - £75
  • 80 minutes - £85

Balinese stones bathed in the frangipani monoi body oil are worked deep into the muscles, getting into areas of tension. The result is sparkling vitality with the added bonus of intensely hydrated skin. 


ELEMIS Thousand Flower Detox Wrap

  • 50 minutes - £80

This nutrient-rich detox wrap uses the deeply nourishing green tea balm to encourage super skin health and powerful detoxification. It helps stimulate the elimination process and restore equilibrium to leave you feeling completely reinvigorated. 


ELEMIS Intensely Cleansing Body Scrub - with Lime & Ginger or Frangipani

  • 25 minutes - £45

Fragranced salt will gently scrub away dead skin cells, encouraging the regeneration of new cells. It leaves a smooth and responsive canvas, ready to absorb the deeply nourishing oil.


ELEMIS Body Nectar Nourishing Wrap - Sweet Orchid or Frangipani

  • 50 minutes - £75

The velvety texture of the monoi oil offers super-hydration, quenching a thirsty skin. You are kept cocooned and warm while the mood-balancing aromatics and skin conditioning oils do their work.


Aromatherapy massage

  • 25 minutes - £40 (back)
  • 50 minutes - £75 (full body)

Designed with complete relaxation in mind, aromatherapy oils are used to totally de-stress you and help drive out tensions. 



  • 50 minutes - £60

A non-intrusive health therapy based on ancient principles that say specific pressure points and zones on the feet correspond with different parts of the body. Reflexology can reduce the effects of stress, ease muscle tension and achieve a better state of wellbeing. 


Indian Head Massage

  • 25 minutes - £30
  • 50 minutes - £55

A therapeutic treatment which can provide instant relief from tension and stress symptoms, as well as inducing a state of calm, peace and tranquillity whilst promoting higher levels of alertness and concentration. 




When it comes to natural nails, Jessica Cosmetics is considered a world leading brand, with a range of Jessica nail products to achieve and maintain naturally beautiful nails. 

  • File & polish - fingers or toes (25 minutes) - £15
  • Manicure (40 minutes) - £30
  • Luxury manicure (50 minutes) - £35
  • Zenspa pedicure (50 minutes) - £35
  • Deluxe Zenspa pedicure (75 minutes) - £45



  • Traditional nails (40 minutes) - £25
  • Luxury manicure (70 minutes) - £45
  • Luxury pedicure (80 minutes) - £50
  • Fingers & toes (80 minutes) - £50
  • Soak off (25 minutes) - £10



Available Sunday to Thursday, subject to availability. Skin patch tests to be taken between 24 and 48 hours in advance of tinting. 

  • Half leg (25 minutes) - £20
  • Full leg (50 minutes) - £30
  • Bikini (15 minutes) - £15
  • Underarm (15 minutes) - £15
  • Lip & chin (15 minutes) - £10
  • Eyebrow shape (15 minutes) - £12
  • Eyebrow tint (15 minutes) - £12
  • Eyelash tint (20 minutes) - £10
  • Eyebrow & eyelash tint (25 minutes) - £20


A combination of 3 x 30 minute definitive and ELEMIS treatments, specially selected by our therapists to create a full 75 minute experience of pure relaxation.

Combination sensation

  • 75 minutes - £90

Choose three from:

  • Neck, shoulder, face & scalp massage
  • ELEMIS Intensely Cleansing Body Scrub - with Lime & Ginger or Frangipani
  • Mini facial
  • Mini manicure
  • Mini pedicure


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