Hotel Group supports Scottish families affected by Cerebral Palsy

Crerar Trust has donated £5,000 to Bobath Scotland to fund blocks of specialist therapy for 100 children with Cerebral Palsy in Scotland. 

One in 500 children in Scotland are diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) each year – it is the most common form of childhood disability. A life-long condition that affects muscle control and movement, CP often impacts on a person’s ability to speak, walk and move independently.  Bobath Scotland is the only Scottish charity dedicated to helping both children and adults living with CP to overcome the significant physical, emotional and social barriers that are restricting them from achieving their potential. Bobath Scotland are experts in the treatment of people with CP and support around 125 families each year. 

Bobath Scotland are one of over 70 charities to receive funding from Crerar Trust in the past year alone. The trust, chaired by Paddy Crerar, is tasked with the distribution of more than half of the hotel groups distributable profits to charities, community projects and good causes that have links to where Crerar Hotels are located or have interests. The trust has donated over £4 million in the past 10 years. 

For Bobath Scotland, the support from the Crerar Trust will ensure that one-to-one and group therapy is delivered from their therapy centre in Glasgow.  They also offer outreach to ensure that the services are accessible as possible throughout the whole of Scotland.  The sessions are delivered in intensive blocks combining the expertise of physio, speech and language, occupational therapy which typically focuses on: improving an individual’s communication, enhancing their mobility, alleviating pain and helping them to develop skills and confidence to undertake tasks independently. Another key area is supporting the family unit, with emotional and practical advice as Bobath Scotland believe ‘having a well-supported and understood family goes a long way in ensuring the health and well-being of a the child. 

On receipt of the donation, Virigina Anderson, Head of Fundraising at Bobath Scotland said ‘Bobath Scotland is deeply grateful for the support from Crerar Trust. This generous gift will support children with cerebral palsy and their families and help when it is needed most. We will ensure children have the chance to make the most of their abilities so they can live life to the full and succeed at home, at school and developing confidence to live well each day.’