Crerar Trust supports Garvald Edinburgh

Crerar Trust has donated £3,772.25 to Garvald Edinburgh to help provide and improve two new workshops (Land and Music) to offer alongside other creative opportunities and support to people with learning difficulties. A special celebration took place last Wednesday, with a visit from Crerar Trust representative Sarah Firth, presenting a cheque at the charities workshop, Mayfield House, with a group of members delighted to accept on behalf of the charity. 

Garvald Edinburgh provide support though training workshops where craft, catering and artistic skills are learned, they are one of over 70 charities to receive funding from Crerar Trust in the past year alone. The trust, chaired by Paddy Crerar, is tasked with the distribution of more than half of the hotel groups distributable profits to charities, community projects and good causes that have links to where Crerar Hotels are located or have interests.

The trust has donated over £4 million in the past 10 years. The donation to Garvald Edinburgh will fund further equipment that will allow continued growth ensuring all members, regardless of their condition, have access to the workshops provided and also to establish two new groups to expand the range of activities offered to members (land and music workshops).

Garvald Edinburgh plays a vital role in the local community. Unfortunately, people with learning disabilities continue to experience a life limited by marginalism. A severe lack of further education or employment opportunities and social exclusion. This can lead to individuals becoming isolated and the prevalence of depression and ill-health are significantly higher in the learning disability community.

Following the visit, Sarah said "it was so inspiring to see the smiles and dedication of the members to the projects they were undertaking, the enthusiasm they and the leaders showed was fantastic. It’s so exciting to hear the plans for the land and music workshops and we can’t wait to see them in action!”

Many members have already been out preparing the land for the first workshop and with summer approaching Garvald Edinburgh will encourage more members to access the outdoor areas, which would be beneficial for their general health.

The music workshop group will benefit the 15-20 members who already attend regularly choir/singing group. Instruments would add a different dimension to this group and enable more people to get involved especially those that for a variety of reasons can’t sing. Several members in particular are deaf but can feel the music rather than hear by playing instruments and feeling the beat.

On receipt of the donation Darren Pike, fundraiser from Garvald Edinburgh said “Garvald Edinburgh is delighted that the Crerar Trust has kindly donated this fantastic sum of money to further our vital work supporting adults with learning disabilities. The money will be spent upgrading, expanding and modernising our facilities so that we can support more adults with learning disabilities, regardless of ability or physical condition, to access our wide range of workshops and activities. This donation will help these individuals live longer, happier and healthier lives.”

At Garvald Edinburgh they are dedicated to developing and maintaining safe and productive environments where members can define themselves through their actions, ambitions and talents rather than their disability. Through our wide variety of workshops, a member can become a baker who has autism, an artist irrespective of any physical impairment, a gardener overcoming Down’s syndrome, a jewellery designer regardless of their epilepsy as well as a friend, a colleague or a partner with like-minded individuals. This ultimately enables them to lead a richer and healthier life.