Brain Injuries are on the rise – Crerar Trust supports The Brain Injury Association

Crerar Trust has donated £5,000 to Headway, who work to promote understanding and awareness of brain injury and to support those suffering from brain injuries as well as their families and carers. Maria who is the Network Support Co-ordinator for Scotland East, said "Every brain injury is unique and can devastate all areas of a person's everyday life, often affecting one's ability to walk, talk, think and feel. It can mean struggling with basic life skills you once took for granted and losing the person you once were. At Headway, we know that with the right support, at the right time, there can be life after brain injury, and this generous donation will make an enormous difference when helping to rebuild the lives of many local families affected." 

Chairman of Crerar Trust, Paddy Crerar, said "Crerar Trust is delighted in every way to support Headway. Their tireless work makes a massive difference to countless families struggling with the physical and emotional effects of a brain injury and its treatment.”

Last year, over 21,000 people were admitted to A&E in Scotland alone with a brain injury*. With an acquired brain injury admission to A&E every 90 seconds, the need for frontline assistance is growing day by day. Any one of us or our loved ones could sustain a brain injury within a split second. The long term effects often go far beyond mere physical injury, with individuals stripped of their abilities, families reduced to poverty and people left with timely rehabilitation. Headway’s Acute Trauma Support Team is there to hold the hand of those waiting anxiously for signs of hope at the bedside of survivors in major trauma centres. Headway’s Emergency Fund gives assistance to those struggling financially as a result of brain injury, providing a listening ear, reassurance and insightful coping techniques to bewildered and distressed families through their vital information services, training programmes and by ensuring that the network of over 120 groups and branches throughout the country are able to provide brain injury support to their local communities.

Where will the support From Crerar Trust go?

Funding will be used as restricted income to provide full time support to brain injury survivors in Scotland, their families and carers. It will also help facilitate two Network Support Coordinators to provide full time support and access to Headways services such as the family emergency fund and family training programmes. Whilst also promoting the availability of Headway’s extensive UK-wide services to the local Scottish communities.

What Headway do

  • Increase awareness and understanding of brain injuries and their consequences
  • Initiate activities and campaigns, which will reduce the incidence of brain injuries
  • Provide information and support for people with brain injuries, their relatives, carers and concerned professional people
  • Promote improved approaches to brain injury screening, acute care, assessment, rehabilitation and community reintegration
  • Assists people with brain injuries to return to community living, including access to appropriate accommodation, social outlets and productive activity
  • Support help and establish Headway groups throughout the UK in the furtherance of the charities mission statement and encourage them to address the needs of all sections of the community
  • Act as vital point of contact between brain injury support services, in Scotland and the UK