Crerar Hotel Group help transforms the lives of children in Glasgow

Crerar Trust donated £4,900 to the young children’s mental health charity, 'With Kids’ who help provide practical and emotional support to children and families in Glasgow. The contribution was celebrated at GoGlasgow Urban Hotel during a special cheque presentation on July 8th, 2016. 

‘With Kids’ provides practical and emotional support to children and families in Glasgow. They achieve this by working in partnership with primary schools and nurseries in the most deprived areas of the Central belt of Scotland, in order to identify children experiencing difficulties and offer them Play Therapy Support. The waiting list for NHS children and young people’s mental health services in the area is around six months. At the time of referral to With Kids, children are already exhibiting signs of struggle and need immediate care and attention.

Claire Larkin from the charity said the donation would help support five children in Glasgow through Play Therapy Support, a programme which offers children the opportunity to talk about their experiences and make sense of them, just as adult therapy would. Play Therapy has been proven to be an extremely effective intervention for a range of children’s difficulties and can increase a child’s resilience, confidence and self-esteem while alleviating suffering says Ms Larkin.

Ms. Larkin told Crerar Trust of a boy named David, age seven, who attends the Glasgow centre weekly. At the end of his sessions he takes his therapists hand and they then pass his hand on to his foster carer, who then takes him home. For David, the action of having his hand held is very important. He needs to know that someone has got him, that he is in someone’s care, he was found wandering the streets of Glasgow two years ago having not eaten in days and with no one to look after him.

When he started therapy he would not speak to anyone about the trauma he had undergone. Bit by bit David is opening up, talking about his emotions and trusting others to meet his needs. These small changes could transform David’s future relationships and his ability to engage at school and beyond. There are so many children like him waiting to be seen in Glasgow and that is why this funding is so important.