Carr Gomm

Carr Gomm received £1956 from the Crerar Trust to support people with a wide range of needs, including physical, autism, mental health problems and addicition.

Carr Gomm are able to provide support to individuals and communities through initiatives such as Cragmillar Community Grows. With funding from the Crerar Trust their 'Men in Sheds' project helped CJ learn new skills and build confidence. The bird boxes he built (pictured above) were sold to the local community.

CJ commented, 

"Before I found it really hard to socialise and get to know people. [Carr Gomm Community Development Worker] Karin was instrumental in helping me come out of my shell. She introduced me to a couple of people from the Men in Sheds project and we seemed to get on rather well. This led to many more projects that involved more people. It's given me a new lease of life and allowed me to develop an interest."

CJ's story is representative of over 300 people who last year were helped by Craigmillar Community Grows to avoid loneliness and social isolation by building self confidence through learning new skills.