Lifelites - £10,000

Magical technology for children in hospices

Lifelites provides assistive and inclusive technology for 10,000 disabled and terminally ill children at 59 hospices across the country. The technology is designed to give the children a sense of control and creativity, at a time when it's often hard to express themselves in other ways.

Parents and hospice staff often find that even children who require the most intense care frequently show an interest in the new technology. The cause-and-effect experience allows them to "make something happen" for themselves. 

 Lifelites 2

Creativity and expression in play

All technologies include 'Eyegaze' which allows children to interact with what's on screen through eye movements, and allows parents and carers to see the children in their care responding to stimuli they may not have previoulsy known had an effect.

Lifelites' technology adds value to the offering of hospices and enables families to relax together in a home-from-home environment.

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Updated technologies

Lifelites installs, maintains and provides training for the software, completely overhauling it every four years. The funding they received from the Crerar Trust in May 2018 went towards five hospices near Crerar Hotels, who each received support packages, staff training and an on-site engineer. 

Furthermore, two beneficiaries of support from the Crerar Trust in 2016 received a full package replacement and brand new technologies. 

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