Venture Trust - £10,000

Establishing stability for young people

"This course will change your views on a hell of a lot of things. It's not a magic wand but it is a shove in the right direction if you listen and contrinbute."

The Venture Trust works with approximately 1000 young people and adults each year, helping them to overcome chaotic life circumstances and lead more stable lives. The trust specifically seeks 'harder to reach' individuals whose behavious may exclude them from meaningful engagement with mainstream support services. 


Postive lasting changes

The Venture Trust offers a three-tier programme and their approach combines personal development with a passion for the great outdoors.

Through 1:1 mentoring, 'off the grid' expeditions and community engagement, participants aim to increase their employability by developing personal, social and practical life skills.

Techniques also focus on maintaining these skills once support ends, to ensure lasting change through goal setting, problem solving and positive decision making. 


Inspiring Young Futures

The funding awarded by The Crerar Trust in 2018 was put towards Venture Trust's Inspiring Young Futures programme 2018-19. This is a national perseonal development programme for 16-21 year olds which runs for 12 months.

Outreach focussed on Glasgow and the West of Scotland, with Wilderness Expeditions run in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs and the Cairngorms National Parks.

This year, Venture Trust will also introduce accredited qualifications, especially in outdoor and hospitality careers, to demonstrate particpants' achievements.