Bethany Christian Trust

Bethany Christian Trust helps vulnerable people across Scotland.

The charity offers emergency and resettlement accommodation, furniture, supported housing, community education, specialist units, community integration and street work.

The funding from Crerar Trust will be used towards the Bethany Homemaker, a social furniture project – providing essential household items to low income families and those who have recently been homeless.

Bethany Christian Trust was established in Edinburgh 32 years ago with the aim of relieving the suffering and meeting the long term needs of homeless and vulnerable people. They now operate across Scotland and help over 7,000 people each year to find, equip, and maintain a home, overcome addictions and tackle social and educational barriers.

The services we run are wide-ranging and are open to anyone who is homeless or vulnerable to becoming homeless and include Emergency and Resettlement Services, Community Support Services and Visiting Support Services

Details of project works, for which you are seeking a grant.

The support from Crerar Trust will be used as a specific fund to provide household items to previously homeless and low income individuals and families who need assistance to establish and sustain a tenancy. As well as the immediate provision of goods that help turn a house into a home, in helping us to provide furnishing for these families and individuals the grant will help prevent them from entering a cycle of debt which many would struggle to get out of for several years.