Blarbuie Woodland Enterprise Ltd

BLARBUIE WOODLAND ENTERPRISE LTD helps people with poor mental and physical health.

Blarbuie Woodland Enterprise provides opportunities for people with poor mental and physical health by using and maintaining a natural woodland environment. In addition, members of the public are encouraged to become involved in activities thereby improving health and wellbeing and reducing stigma and isolation

The charity works with training and volunteering experience provider, Argyll and Bute Hospital history and archive projects and exhibits through horticulture development of a community growing space and walking area for the local community.

The funding from Crerar Hotels will go towards construction of a new loop path to improve access to the, yet to be converted, small Heritage Centre. 

The construction of a loop path will mean that the Heritage Centre can be incorporated into an established paths network that is listed on the Argyll and Bute Council website.

The construction of the path will form part of the work programme for the resident squad and will provide a meaningful training experience to continue work that was started during a Heritage Lottery Project, completed at the end of August 2015.