Movement for Non-Mobile Children

Crerar Trust has donated £7,500 to Movement for Non-Mobile Children (Whizz-Kidz) to support the running of their Ambassador Clubs in Scotland for one year, so that wheelchair users can come together to make friends, gain independence and learn valuable life skills.

Whizz-Kidz was founded in 1990 to address the unmet need for mobility equipment provision for disabled children and young people living throughout the UK.

They are passionate about empowering young wheelchair users to reach their full potential, at school, in higher education and in employment. They promote active childhoods, where young wheelchair users can experience freedom and independence. They enable young disabled people to build ambitious futures, giving them confidence and skills they need to embrace opportunities.

They do this by providing a range of services:

  • Bespoke mobility equipment

Young disabled people are assessed by a mobility therapists, who prescribe equipment which not only meets their clinical needs, but it is also designed with their educational, lifestyle, social and family needs in mind.

  • Ambassador Clubs (youth clubs)

These clubs give disabled young people the chance to form social networks, learn life skills, and gain confidence in using their wheelchair.

  • Wheelchair Skills Training

Helping young people to achieve maximum freedom through increased knowledge and confidence in using their wheelchair.

  • Work Placements

Coordinating opportunities for disabled teenagers to gain skills and experience of the world of work in a sector or industry that interests them.

  • Residential breaks (Camp Whizz-Kidz)

Three day/two night breaks for wheelchair users away from their parents and carers to develop independent living skills.

Crerar Trust’s donation will be used continue to run their youth clubs (Ambassador Clubs) and provide a vital space for disabled young people in Scotland to make friends, get active and learn skills that they can draw upon as they transition in to adulthood.