Oban Communities Trust – The Rockfield Centre

Crerar Trust has donated £18,000 to Oban Communities Trust – The Rockfield Centre, to help fund their Creative Roots Project.

Oban Communities Trust (OCT) was incorporated in August 2014 in response to community demand to save the former Rockfield School from demolition for use by and for the community of Oban. Through extensive consultation (with the community fully involved) the trust plans to create a creative/cultural hub which will operate as a social enterprise celebrating arts/culture; history/heritage; enterprise and community wellbeing. The community took ownership of the building in May 2015.

The Rockfield Centre ambitions are to -

  • Support economic regeneration
  • Improve health and wellbeing for local people
  • Provide jobs
  • Enhance the tourism industry
  • Conserve a significant building for community arts/cultural purposes
  • And most of all to support the community in their ambition to have a centre of creativity in the centre of Oban.

The trust believes The Rockfield Centre offers an opportunity to draw on the areas of talent in the area to create an environment for local people to provide mutual support, participate in activates, learn new skills, share friendships and develop huge opportunities for the town of Oban.

The donation from Crerar Trust will be used to build on its strong roots as a creative arts space in the heart of Oban. The “Creative Roots” project would allow the trust to provide more “dirty arts” space and offer new and exciting opportunities for the wider community to be involved.

As creative activity in Oban has been limited, so the cultural identity of the town and its inhabitants has been limited. This project will give the community the opportunity to consider how it wants to express and present itself creatively, both for others in the community and to visitors.