St Andrew's Hospice

Crerar Trust has donated £7,000 to Sick Kids Friends Foundation, a charity who help the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh and children who are cared for in the community.

The charity provides medical equipment, funds, training and research as well as devising and delivering an arts programme and art therapies, providing toys and books, parents’ accommodation and also running a drop-in centre.

As a result of what they do, children and young people’s lives are less interrupted by illness. The charity also provides medical equipment, which is over and above NHS provision. Funding, training and research ensures gold standard care and up to date research is rolled out to staff in the hospital and community centres.

With Crerar Trust’s donation, Sick Kids Friends Foundation will purchase an ultrasound to help cannulas be injected deep into the bladder or into very narrow veins accurately first time. The Emergency Department at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children receives over 46,000 children every year from all regions of Scotland, including the Highlands and Islands where Crerar Hotels are. Over 2000 of these children will need a cannula inserted into their vein and 234 will need a needle inserted through their abdominal wall and into their bladder for a treatment of a severe urinary tract infection. Inserting a cannula is also a procedure that is used in resuscitation of life. However, with all of these cases it can be very difficult for the medical team to clearly identify the small veins of a child. This is even more of a problem with babies and sometimes repeated insertions are required. The loan of the ultrasound has demonstrated the importance of this equipment however it is above NHS provision. Although it is not seen as an essential NHS piece of medical equipment, it has been approved by the clinical management team as an enhancement which will ease the stress for a sick child and their family.