The Junction

Crerar Trust has donated £2,333 to The Junction, a charity who give one to one support services, counselling, drop-in and outreach services to young people aged 12 to 21 years with multiple deprivations in the Leith area of Edinburgh.

The Junction has been working for 10 years with young people, a significant number of whom come to the charity for support and are experiencing situations in their families and in their own lives which make them extremely vulnerable. This could be as a result of family breakdown, leaving care, homelessness, abuse, caring for adults with a disability and/or mental ill health.

Services from The Junction include:

  • A one to one service that provides both structured and ad-hoc individual support
  • An alcohol service that provides in-house, outreach and partnership information and support
  • A young people affected by parental substance use service
  • A specialist young people’s counselling service
  • A group work service, including action research projects, information/resource development, peer education and issue based work
  • An outreach service including street and outreach to schools, youth/voluntary agencies and community groups
  • An open access service including a sexual health focussed drop-in, alcohol focussed drop in and the Chiller - a stress reduction drop in that offers access to free complimentary therapies
  • A volunteer service that provides the community with the opportunity to get involved
  • The Junction Youth Advisors: a group of young people who advise us and promote service provision

With the donation from Crerar Trust, The Junction will work to recruit more young people to volunteer as Junction Youth Advisors. They will get together every month to discuss issues affecting young people in the community and ways to create positive change. Issues may relate to sexual health, alcohol and other risk taking, finding ways to make healthy lifestyle choices in terms of sleep, diet and exercise, and participation in social and community learning activities.

The Youth Advisors project empowers local young people to take an active role in the planning, development and delivery of services designed for them and their community. The project builds capacity within the community of young people in Leith, allowing them to develop their skills and leadership and to help one another. Many of the young people who initially come to the junction to access services progress to become Youth Advisors.

One Advisor commented, “It means being a voice for the young people. We discuss things that are current and relevant to young people in our area. We can represent young people’s thoughts and opinions to staff and represent The Junction to other young people”