Crerar Trust has donated £5,000 to UCanDoIT, a charity who provide specialist computer training for the elderly and people with disabilities.

UCanDoIT provides dedicated specialist computer training for the elderly and people with disabilities, as a means to ensure they have the necessary tools in place to maintain their independence; combat serious social issues of loneliness, isolation and economic deprivation and have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

With 18 years’ experience in the provision of specialist training, they are the only charitable organisation in the UK with the capacity to deliver in depth personalised computer training. Part of their work is the provision of computers and assistive technology, such as screen readers (for the blind or visually impaired).

The second part of their work is their unique “Assessment of Need” which looks at two things: firstly, which technology is needed for the learner to achieve full unrestricted access to a computer and the internet. Secondly, what does the learner need on a personal level to move their lives forward, or support any particular problems they face? Over 38% of the 4,500+ learners supported to date, achieve paid or meaningful voluntary employment and/or qualifications through the support of the charity and the remainder gain skills to access social media, skype, shop and online banking and the ability to research and contact local and national organisations directly.

With the donation from Crerar Trust, UCanDoIT has set up Getting People with Disabilities Online Scotland; a three year project aiming to ensure 150 people with disabilities gain home access to a computer and receive their dedicated training courses. A secondary aim of this project is to extend their service delivery further across the shires and eventually throughout Scotland.