Inverness Foodstuff - £10,000

Both a food bank and a social care charity

Inverness Foodstuff run a drop-in centre for homeless and vulnerable people, many of whom live in temporary accommodation, experience mental health problems, addictions and social isolation. Much more than simply providing fresh fruit and veg to the community, Inverness Foodstuff partners with healthcare providers, hairdressers, clothing charities and employability support services.


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A community space

Visitors are welcomed at Ness Bank Church and given support and company, as well as grocery and bakery items that have reached their sell-by date and would otherwise go to waste. The support they receive includes digital access and training to improve employability, as well as visits from a dental health team and a community nurse. A popular recent innovation is their hairdressing service.


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Continuing the good work

A previous grant Inverness Foodstuff received from the Crerar Trust enabled them to employ a volunteer manager, who organised and trained 84 volunteers. This grant will contribute to another year’s running costs, which covers the volunteer manager’s salary, rent, store cupboard items and kitchen equipment.