Our Values

We share the spirit of Scotland through our values: warmth, pride, humour, curiosity, confidence and authenticity.


We’re comfortable saying, “we are who we are!” 



We’re warm in personality and through the atmosphere we create.



We take pride in ourselves, our hotels and our surroundings.



We take what we do seriously, but our humour means we see the lighter side of things.



We get to know our guests and our curiosity helps to identify and meet their needs.



We’re confident in ourselves and our hospitality.


How we demonstrate our values:

Carefully considered

We take the time to consider everything that makes our hotels special. Attention to detail and pride go hand-in-hand with quality and authenticity.


Straight forward, always

We say what we mean, and we mean what we say.


Strong foundations

Get the basics right and everything else will follow.


All are equal

We are one with each other and with our guests, breathing the same air. We respect everyone.


As one

We’re all in this together!


Through the company's charitable trust, Crerar Hotels gives back to the community by donating 50% of the annual distributable profit to charities either local to hotel locations or in key areas of customer origin.

We carefully maintain all of our buildings and garden areas to a high standard, specifically keeping pavement areas and car parks clean and free of litter.

We work closely with local groups ensuring that we support their wider objectives to benefit the area. Where possible, we use local trade’s people to assist in the maintenance and operation of our hotels.

Find out more on the great work that Crerar Trust does right here.

We are an employer required by law to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

This involves carrying out six calculations that show the difference between the average earnings of men and women in our organisation; it will not involve publishing individual employee’s data.

The results for our business are as follows:

Gender Pay Gap Figures


Snapshot date

05 April 2019


Gender pay gap



1. Mean gender pay gap - Ordinary pay



2. Median gender pay gap - Ordinary pay



3. Mean gender pay gap - Bonus pay



4. Median gender pay gap - Bonus pay



5.The proportion of male and female employees paid a bonus in the 12 months









6. Proportion of male and female employees in each quartile. 



Female %

Male %


Upper quartile




Upper middle quartile




Lower middle quartile




Lower quartile




Giving back to the local community is incredibly important at Crerar Hotels. This includes supporting the people who make up the communities at our hotels: our team members.

That’s why we created the Fair Fund to bring together all the service charges paid by guests who want to recognise great service, in any area of the hotel.

The money from the Fair Fund is distributed between all employees, to reward outstanding service fairly and provide funding for personal development opportunities.

We use Fairtrade goods where possible and are actively continuing to source produce of this origin.

We source food products from local suppliers, thereby cutting down on needless travel and fuel emissions and of course promoting business in the local community.  This helps our managers to forge strong local relationships.

We are committed to responsible business practices throughout our operations.

We are an equal opportunities employer and support people development through tailored training programmes.

We are fully committed to complying with all legislation and regulations pertaining to our business.

We develop and update our health and safety policies continuously to ensure that we are maintaining a safe and secure environment for our guests, employees and suppliers.

We acknowledge that each customer has different requirements and so we aim to make our hotel facilities available and accessible to each guest equally

We are committed to ensuring that all hotels follow a specific environmental policy which is designed to cut down on the environmental impact of our operations. This includes the switching off of electrical appliances, minimising the use of guest towels, linen and toiletries and encouraging sensible water usage in all locations.