Crerar Hotels - Partners

Crerar Hotels Group works with many strategic partners and enjoy business relationships with like minded organisations that have the same vision for success.  

Some of the partners that we currently work with have been well established for many years and some were formed by CEO, Paddy Crerar.  We are delighted to list some of our preferred partners here:


Tarquin de Burgh Wine Merchants

Having been in the industry for over 23 years, Crerar Hotels are delighted to be associated with Tarquin de Burgh and his family business. Tarquin advises Crerar Hotels on their extensive wine lists and works with the hotels to make sure they have the best options available to their guests. Tarquin has a rich wealth of wine-making experience and it is with this expertise that the wine lists sport some fabulous tipples from across the globe. 



The name ishga is derived from the Gaelic word for water and embodies the Scottish skincare brand. Seaweed is at the heart of their products, hand-picked from pure Hebridean seas and combined with water from a natural spring on the beautiful Isle of Lewis. Like ishga, celebrating Scotland's natural environment is integral to what we do.



Scottish tea and coffee merchants based in Edinburgh, Brodies supply us with all of our blends of coffee, teas and hot chocolate drinks. In addition to the products Brodies also supply the equipment for making a great cuppa.