Supporting Key Workers through Crisis - Official Press Statement, 20th March 2020

Crerar Hotels commits to supporting key workers through crisis

Crerar Hotels today announce they will continue to stay open and operate all of their 7 hotels and inns through the Covid-19 crisis to support key workers and those stranded away from home.

At the heart of this carefully considered decision it is the very real need to support the communities where their properties are located.


Chairman, Paddy Crerar CBE

“Prime Minister Johnson was very clear on his instructions to the nation. He stated that bars, restaurants, and leisure clubs should close. He has made no mention at any point in any statement on hotels. We believe that is entirely deliberate, to close hotels would effectively put all of the people stranded in the UK (who are unable to gain entry back into their own country) into a seriously difficult predicament. These people have no choice other than to stay, if hotels close they are on the streets. If hotels close where also do the vital key workers stay, those that are far from home ensuring food is delivered, utilities are maintained, heating oil and other essentials are delivered. What of those stranded from home through family at home in isolation or those making heart breaking journeys to pay last respects. That is why he has been careful to never mention hotels, why else would such a glaring omission be made. For the good reasons I’ve noted Crerar Hotels will keep doors open to resident guests, we will shut our doors to non-residents and we will offer residents added safety through the options of meals in rooms or other distanced dining.”