Sea Kayaking Around Isle of Mull

Sea Kayaking Around Isle of Mull

Kayak around the Isle of Mull and discover the spectacular scenery, landscapes and rugged coastlines of the west of Scotland.

The Hebridean island of Mull is famous for its spectacular landscape and coastline, and is home to some of Scotland’s most iconic wildlife, including eagles, porpoises and basking sharks. Sea kayaking around the Isle of Mull offers countless opportunities to discover some of its neighbouring islands, including Iona and Staffa, as well as its abundance of wildlife. Visit the Isle of Mull and kayak through the coves and alongside the rugged coastline before relaxing in our Isle of Mull Hotel & Spa.

Sea Kayaking Around Mull

As one of the larger islands of the Inner Hebrides, kayaking around the island is definitely a challenge, but can be completed in one day by more experienced kayakers. Though the tides are less demanding than other Scottish waters, some of the stretches of isolated coastline on the west coast of the island can be exposed to some harsh weather conditions. Therefore, to ensure your safety, it is important to be aware of the conditions before heading out on your kayaking adventure. Despite this, there is so much to discover and explore around the island - it’s a dream destination for adventure seekers!

Among the remote and rugged coastlines, you will find unspoilt beaches, tranquil bays and intriguing sea lochs. Along with exploring the fascinating landscape of Mull, the surrounding scenery and wildlife is a spectacular addition to all sea kayak trips. The wild island of Mull offers a unique wildlife experience, where you can spot puffins flocking the western cliff edges or seals basking in the sunshine on the shores. The beautiful environment and local wildlife in and surrounding Mull draws many to the area and makes for an incredible sea kayaking experience.

Sea Kayaking Tours

Although there is a possibility for keen kayakers to take a kayak out to sea off and around Mull, for the more novice kayakers, it’s safer to go on one of the various sea kayaking tours and kayak trips that are available around the island. For the less experienced, this is a great way to be guided safely around coastal areas of the island and surrounding isles, like Iona and Staffa. There are many kayaking excursions from Craignure to Tobermory, and around to Fidden with outlooks across to Iona where you can experience the stunning sunset over its white sandy beaches. Mull and Iona are fantastic islands for an exciting paddling experience with the opportunity to witness some of

Scotland’s most spectacular scenery and unique wildlife. These trips can be tailored for
beginners or intermediate paddlers and guided trips are usually over a three-day period. Experience sea kayaking at its best by learning skills from the experts while paddling in an unforgettable environment.

Staying on the Isle of Mull

Whether you are capable of exploring by yourself, or would prefer to be guided by professionals, Mull is one of the most exciting locations for keen sea paddlers. From instructed day-trips to full guided kayaking holidays, the options are truly endless.

Whether you are away for a day-trip or a three day excursion, it is essential to have cosy accommodation waiting for you on your return. The welcoming calm inside of our Isle of Mull Hotel & Spa contrasts from the wild excitement of your coastal adventure. Relax in a cosy bed with beautiful views out to the water and even spot a red deer wandering around the hotel gardens the perfect end to an Isle of Mull adventure!


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