Walking In & Around Inverness

Walking In & Around Inverness

Walking In & Around Inverness

Set in the heart of the Highlands and home to the world famous ‘Nessie’, Inverness is a city on the north east coast of Scotland. In and around Inverness there are endless trails, paths and hidden walks waiting to be explored.

The city is home to incredible wildlife, magnificent views and rich with local history and culture. We’ve listed some of the best walks in Inverness and other popular routes around the northern city.


1. Ness Islands 

The River Ness provides plenty of walking routes for locals and those visiting Inverness; and when you head upriver you will soon escape the busy city and discover the collection of natural islands known as Ness Islands.

These wooded islands can be explored through the connecting paths and foot bridges and the area provides great dog walks near Inverness.

As a haven for wildlife, there is also a great chance to spot the inhabiting nature and wildlife. In the water you can find otters, salmon and seals, and on land you might see some deer and even bats flying around.

Don’t forget to look out for the Nessie sculpture made out of a fallen tree and be sure to take that photo opportunity and tweet us @CrerarHotels to show us your best pose!

Nessie Tree Sculpture

Ness Islands are accessible from either side of the River Ness, so you can easily access them. Simply walk south down the river from the city centre, Inverness Train Station along the Great Glen Way, or down Ness Walk on the West side of the river to Bught Road.

The Ness Islands are also part of the Great Glen Way which follows paths through the Great Glen from Fort William in the south west to Inverness in the north east.

So, if you visit Inverness for an extended adventure, this hiking excursion is an exciting long distance route right in the heart of the Highlands.


2. The Caledonian Canal

Another part of the Great Glen Way is the Caledonian Canal along the River Ness. Although this is part of the long distance hike, this area can also be explored in shorter sections.

The Caledonian Canal provides walkers with easy, flat routes and paths to follow along the canal towpath. You have the option to either follow the paths south towards Loch Ness or head north towards the sea and the Merkinch Nature Reserve - but both routes are definitely worth exploring.

While strolling around the Caledonian Canal you may find a variety of waterbirds and wildlife, and even a wave from those sailing down the canal if you’re lucky!

The Caledonian Canal


3. Nairn to Cawdor

A few miles east of Inverness lies the seaside village of Nairn, which is a popular destination for its sandy beaches, golf courses and stunning coastal scenery.

The mouth of the River Nairn flows into the famous Moray Firth, but if you start at the harbour in Nairn and follow the river inland, it provides some beautiful scenic walks near Inverness that are definitely worth taking. When you continue along the path on the left bank of the river, you will meander through rich woodland and rural countryside.

Follow the route against the flow of the river for five miles and you will reach the idyllic town of Cawdor where you can explore the small local businesses and the well-known Cawdor Castle.

This loop to Cawdor and back to Nairn is a popular walking day trip for those staying in the coastal town as it offers a scenic route and a midpoint destination for some needed rest and possibly a bite to eat.

Cawdor Castle


4. Delnies Wood Loop

One of the most popular walks near Nairn is the 10km loop to Delnies Wood.

If you begin at the harbour and head west along the promenade for 3km you’ll reach Delnies Wood where you can follow the paths around the rich woodland before looping back towards the shore.

This walk boasts some incredible panoramic views of the Moray Firth and overlooks the seaside town of Nairn, providing a fairly easy, yet enjoyable walk along the coast.

The Moray Coast


Walking Tours in Inverness

The city itself is filled with history and Scottish culture, with landmarks around every corner. Inverness is packed with castles and cathedrals, and with the River Ness running through the centre, there are countless trails and river walks around the city. Local tour guides use their knowledge and expertise of the area to run daily walking tours around the northern city to showcase the major attractions like the Inverness Castle, and highlight the history of the highland capital. An Inverness walking tour is a popular option for new visitors to see the key landmarks and learn about the city’s heritage and Scottish culture.

Inverness Castle


Staying by the Moray Coast

Exploring in and around Inverness by foot is one of the best ways to discover the main sights and culture of the highland capital city; and the northern coast of the Moray Firth provides a stunning backdrop for a Scottish staycation.

Whether you are spending a long weekend rambling around the Moray Coast, or want to plan a full week’s walking itinerary in and around Inverness, Golf View is the perfect base for your adventure. The seafront setting provides a beautiful location to wake up to every morning, and the facilities and warm hospitality creates a friendly welcome after a full day of adventure around Inverness. Discover Golf View and start planning your highland walking retreat.

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