Local Walks In Inveraray

Local Walks In Inveraray


There are many unique and exciting sites to discover and explore around the picturesque Argyll town of Inveraray. To help you plan out your day and ensure you make the most of every moment in the Highlands, we’ve listed some of our favourite Inveraray walks that cater for all types of explorers. 

Whether you’re a casual dog walker, an adventure seeker, or a seasoned hiker, we can guarantee that one of these stunning walks around Inveraray will entice you to want to dust off those walking boots once more and set off for the day’s adventure. 

Inveraray is home to lush forest trails and scenic lochside walks that boast impressive views and exciting paths to discover at your own pace. If you choose to explore Inveraray in Argyll, these walking trails will allow you to unearth the town’s rich history and enjoy a breath of fresh air at the same time. 

Dùn na Cuaiche Woodland Walk

Dominating the impressive skyline above Loch Fyne, Dùn na Cuaiche is an 18th-century watchtower that boasts some of the most spectacular views over Loch Fyne and beyond. Our Loch Fyne General Manager, Joanna, and her four-legged friend, Elsie, love taking a stroll up Dùn na Cuaiche after work.

The route begins in the grounds of Inveraray Castle, allowing you to soak up the history of Clan Campbell and tour the resplendent garden grounds before you set off on the trail. There is a car park available at Inveraray Castle, and regular buses to the site for those who wish to use public transport. 

The path to the walk is helpfully marked with blue arrows leading you to the beginning of the trail. It’s considered a relatively easy trail for beginners or the casual hiker - however, there is a short steep section on the walk to the top. The path can get muddy, so a good pair of boots are a necessity. As you traverse up the path to the hill’s magnificent peak, you can view the surrounding Scottish landscape in all its glory, including a collection of native conifer trees and a view of the stunning River Aray. On a clear day, you can witness breathtaking views of the surrounding scenic mountains and dew-dropped forests. 

It’s said that the Duke of Argyll used to request to eat his evening meal from the monument on top of the Dùn na Cuaiche to enjoy the stunning views across the county as he dined. So, although there are many stopping points on the way up, we’d recommend saving your picnic or snacks until you reach the summit for a unique and unforgettable experience. At the peak, you can also experience the exquisite views of Inveraray Castle nestled in the shores of the loch and across to the Arrochar Alps beyond Glen Shira - it’s a view we truly believe you must witness at least once to truly appreciate the landscape of this fantastic walk.

Inveraray Forest Circuit Walk

This majestic walking route allows you to experience the entire town of Inveraray around a single 10 kilometre circuit. You can explore the exciting visitor attractions in the town centre, wander around the ancestral estate and gardens of Inveraray Castle, and finish by discovering the trails through the lush green forests that lie above the charming town.The walk itself takes around two hours but is considered relatively easy - perfect for an easy stroll with the dogs or a day out with the children. 

We recommend you begin your walk by the shore on Front Street, looking across the north of the loch to the Dùn na Cuaiche and wander left, along to Inveraray Castle. Explore acres of beautiful gardens and formal lawns that have been designed to flourish around the castle, regardless of the time of year.

Once you have crossed the Garden Bridge, you’ll begin to walk through the forest trail, where you can discover glistening waterfalls and sparkling streams flowing downstream towards the River Aray and to the loch. This tranquil stretch of the circuit makes for a perfect picnic pitstop on a warm day. 

The trail has a slight incline that leads to the woodlands above and behind the town of Inveraray which boasts views of Loch Fyne and hills like the Dùn Corr-bhile. Take in the fresh air and appreciate the scenery that surrounds you before descending through the valley of woodland towards the road parallel to the loch. This will lead you to the final stretch of the circuit and back to the centre of Inveraray. Enjoy a stroll through the traditional Scottish houses, before reaching the centre of the town, where you can explore the town’s cafes and speciality shops, and even discover the historic Inveraray Jail and Courthouse.

Gruffalo Trail

The Gruffalo and Fairy Trail at Ardkinglas Woodland Garden is a perfect stop for families to enjoy an interactive walk through the forest. The trail uses a board with extracts from the Scots version of the Gruffalo to tell the story along the way - a fantastic way to keep the kids entertained as you go. Statues of the Gruffalo and Mouse are featured along the way for children to enjoy as they learn the story in this magical setting.  

While in the lower part of the woodland walk, you’ll find the fairies and elves area where children can explore the whimsical fairy doors set into ancient tree trunks or peppered along the paths while exploring this unforgettable stretch of the woods.

The area is also home to wildlife such as red squirrels which you may spot during your day out if you’re lucky. 

Beinn Bhuidhe

For those looking to conquer a Munro, Beinn Bhuidhe sits at the head of Loch Fyne between Glen Shire and Glen Fyne. Although one of the less popular Munros, the views over the Arrochar Alps, Beinn a’Chleib and Ben Lui are tremendous and are not to be overlooked when choosing which Munro you’d like to take on. 

The climb itself takes around 7 - 8 hours with a distance of 13 miles. Seasoned climbers will enjoy the challenging peaks and scrambling section of this climb but for novice climbers, we’d recommend you do some research beforehand and bring along a more experienced mountaineer to help you along the way. 

The starting point is accessible through a private road on foot at the head of Loch Fyne, although it’s possible to cycle up to the start of the climb. If you plan on bringing your furry friend, please be on alert as there are some Highland cattle dotted up the path to the start of the climb. We’d recommend you traverse this Munro on a clear day to ensure you get the most out of that incredible view from the summit. 

When climbing a Munro, safety should be a top priority at all times. We recommend you invest in some durable and sturdy hiking boots, warm, breathable clothing (perhaps some waterproofs if you’re planning on visiting in Spring or Autumn), and any necessary items you may need such as a compass, map, whistle, torch, first-aid kit and a fully charged mobile phone for emergencies. 

Walking Trips & Holidays In Inveraray

If you’re looking to explore the town of Inveraray in Argyll, these two walking trails are perfect for discovering the town and its surrounding landscape. However if you choose to stay a little longer, there are many more trails near Inveraray and around Argyll, or you could explore Inveraray Castle for the day. 

Whether you would like to discover Inveraray or explore further afield, our Inveraray hotel, Loch Fyne Hotel & Spa makes a great base for a walking holiday with your family and even your four-legged friend. For more information on all the ways we can make traveling with your dog a breeze, check out our dog friendly info page

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