Live Music in Royal Deeside

Deeside Inn has built a reputation as a local live music venue showcasing Scotland's varied and lively music scene. Hosting everything from traditional Scottish folk to pop and punk, join us for a night in the bar with a local ale, tapping your foot or having a wee dance. 

The Coaltown Daisies at Deeside Inn

The Coaltown Daisies

29/02/2020 8:00pm - 12/12/2020 10:30pm

29th Feb | 8th May | 12th June | 21st Aug | 12th Dec

A duo of singer songwriters who write and perform dynamic folk, soul and Americana music, the Daisies are renowned for their highly engaging live performances. Catch them in Deeside Inn's bar - it's FREE to attend!

Hoodoo Zephyr

Hoodoo Zephyr

14/03/2020 8:00pm - 04/09/2020 10:30pm

14th Mar | 3rd July | 4th Sept

A long-standing 4 piece from Aberdeenshire, Hoodoo Zephyr play what can best be described as "twisted folk" with a hint of punk. They're so called "Polk Music" is bang up to date while still being rooted in Scottish folk and tradition. Whilst seasoned giggers, this will be their first foray into Deeside Inn's bar - catch them while you can, it's FREE to attend!

The Mad Ferrets

22/05/2020 8:00pm - 05/12/2020 10:30pm

22nd May | 16th Oct | 5th Dec

The much-loved Ferrets return to Deeside Inn! The band are known on the Scottish music scene for their hard hitting blend of traditional and contemporary folk music. Their lively, energetic performances are packed with blisteringly fast mandolin solos, tight vocal harmonies, driving Cajon beats and earth-moving guitar sounds. Join us in the bar - it's FREE!

Full Fat at Deeside Inn

Full Fat

19/06/2020 8:00pm - 19/06/2020 10:30pm

19th June

With 3 very different musicians, Full Fat have a distinctive groove and a recognisable sound. Their mix of smooth vocals, tight rhythm, pulsing bass and mellow guitar tells any audience what the band is all about: the blues is back, and it’s Full Fat. Catch them live in the bar - it's FREE to attend.

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