Experience the taste and spirit of Scotland through our high quality food and drinks menus.

Our menus are fuelled by an abundance of superb local ingredients which our chefs transform into our signature menus which reflect the seasons.

Our Chefs

Crerar Chef Adding The Finishing Sauce To His Lobster Dish At Crerar Hotels Restaurant

Our chefs work from whole raw ingredients using only the finest and freshest produce. The beauty of the dish is in the greatness of the ingredients with a focus on simplicity.

Our Farms

Crerar Home Farm Deer for Venison at Crerar Hotel Restaurants

True to our Scottish heritage, the beef, lamb and venison we serve comes from the Crerar Home Farm and other fully accredited Scottish farms and is supplied to us by John Gilmour Butchers - suppliers to the highest quality retailers in the country.

Spanish Josper Charcoal Grill

Scottish Beef On The Josper Grill

All of our grills are cooked in the Josper charcoal broiler, a culinary tradition which began over 40 years ago. The grill’s natural coals add flavour to the food, greatly enhancing the food being cooked.

Our Fish

Lemon Sole With Caper Butter & White Wine

Our Scottish smoked fish is cured and smoked with truly traditional methods from local lochs such as Loch Fyne and our smoked salmon is Freedom Food approved. We use the finest white fish, caught from sustainable sources around the UK and delivered fresh every day to our hotels.

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