Loch View Bar, an open, welcoming space that captures fine views across Loch Fyne and shares the warmth of Scottish hospitality next to an open fire.

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With a classic bar menu, locally produced ale and regional malt whiskies and gins, we serve a real taste of all that Scotland has to offer.

Lounge Area in Loch View Bar

The Bar

The Loch View bar at Loch Fyne Hotel & Spa is the perfect location to sit back after a day of adventure and take in the views of the shore. With a substantial whisky and gin offering, tantalising cocktails and warming coffee served with Scottish sweet treats, the bar a comfortable retreat pre or post dinner.


Hotel Bar at Loch Fyne Hotel & Spa

Whisky & Gin

There’s a reason Scots call whisky ‘the water of life.’
Forget our rosy cheeks – it’s the way each dram offers a flavour of where it came from. That’s why our whisky list has over 30 distinct malts, from the Highlands to the Lowlands: for a taste of home. What barrel ageing is to whisky, botanicals are to gin: flavour. And with Scotland’s distilleries now stretching to the farthest reaches of the country, often showcasing local ingredients, there are more flavours than ever to choose from.



Our cocktail list offers everything from classic Kir Royale to contemporary Cosmopolitans. Our mixologists are also on hand to create you something new to enjoy.



“...it was nice to relax and take out time with our food and wine. The staff were all very friendly during our stay. Great that they are so dog friendly, allow dogs in the rooms and bar - a huge plus for us.”

Tipping Our Team

Most of our guests now prefer to pay via debit or credit card and be able to include a service charge for great service. To make this easier we have added an automatic service charge - we’ve made it a default 10% which you can change to any percentage you wish, including no service charge.

Our teams have always shared service charges and this is no different - every penny you give is shared equally by our teams through our “Fair Fund”. There is no administration cost and nothing is retained by the company, 100% of what you give is guaranteed to go to our team.

Service charge is entirely optional, if you would like us to remove it, you need only ask.

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