COVID-19 Response - Official Press Statement, 9th March 2020

Crerar Hotel Group has resilient plans in place to prevent COVID-19 outbreak

"Crerar Hotels have very resilient plans in place to restrict the chances of a coronavirus outbreak and equally resilient plans to cope with any outbreak of coronavirus.

In many ways, we're fortunate that we always aim for best practice on everything we do, particularly with health and safety. What that gives us is a ready-made robust approach to risk assessment and management. COVID-19 is simply a virus and unlike, say, airborne Norovirus (winter vomiting disease) it’s less infectious.

If an outbreak happens, we have plans ready. Of course our main focus, as it should be for all of us, is to restrict the chances of infection by really pushing the need for the personal hygiene requirements for all; both our teams and our guests."

Paddy Crerar CBE


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