Beautiful Beaches In Nairn & Inverness

Beautiful Beaches In Nairn & Inverness

Set in the heart of the Highlands, Inverness is the perfect place to discover some of Scotland’s most beautiful sandy beaches.

Most visit Inverness for its rich Scottish culture which offers endless adventures and exciting things to do. However, we believe that the beaches in Inverness are some of its greatest treasures and a must-visit for anyone travelling to this city in the Scottish Highlands.

We’ve listed some of our favourite beaches in Inverness and along the Moray Firth – making a great day out for all the family, including your four-legged friends!

1. Nairn Beach

Nairn has two well-known beaches that are filled with gorgeous golden sands and backed by significant sand dunes. Nairn’s beach (Nairn Central Beach) stretches from the Nairn Golf Club to the Harbour at Fishertown, with stunning views across the Moray Firth.

Nairn Beach is known as one of Scotland’s best beaches, having won a Scotland Best Beach Award over 23 consecutive years. You can explore rock pools across the sands and enjoy the beautiful sunsets in the summer and even experience the colourful skies of the Northern Lights in the winter. This is a great day out for all the family as you can enjoy playing in the sand and exploring Nairn’s promenade, filled with cafes and play areas, located directly behind the beach.

Separated by the River Nairn, Nairn’s East Beach is an ideal location for a traditional beach day of paddling in the shallows and building sandcastles. Its wide golden sands, sloping dunes and direct access to the Culbin Forest Nature Reserve make Nairn’s East Beach an ideal family playground where you can play in the sand and fly a kite no matter the time of year. This beach is also a favourite hangout of the local school of Moray Firth dolphins who enjoy a nosey around the shores.

2. Secret Beach Nairn

However, if you would like to seek some peace and quiet, you may be able to find the secret beach, also known as Whiteness Sands.

The secret beach of Nairn is well-known by locals but kept a hidden gem from many tourists. This is an expanse of flat golden sand with spectacular views across the Moray Firth and the Black Isle. Often deserted, its the perfect spot for a romantic stroll or a peaceful day out where you and your dog can walk for miles and not meet a soul.

3. Brora Beach

Brora beach is one of the area’s more rugged beaches, filled with Jurassic rock dotted throughout the sand. This rural beach is rich in wildlife and you can often spot some amazing sea life swimming near the shores including seals, bottlenose dolphins and minke whales.

This two-mile long beach is filled with scattered rocks and rock pools with shingle shores into the River Brora and is a very popular kite-flying destination. This is a great spot to go find some interesting stones and rocks, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled to find the good ones.

4. Culbin Sands

Accessed through the Culbin Forest Nature Reserve is the beautiful unspoilt sandy beach of the Culbin Sands. Although this is in a remote location, the two-mile walk from the Culbin Forest car park is definitely worth it!

This beach is also an RSPB coastal reserve and is full of wildlife to look out for. See if you can spot sea ducks, oystercatchers, ringed plovers and more. The combination of the beautiful sand dunes filled with plants and flowers, and the thick Culbin Forest packed with pines, provides the perfect habitat for some of the wonderful wildlife in the local area.

Beach Trips Near Inverness

The beaches that surround Inverness are adored by locals and tourists alike. From clean golden sands to unspoilt pebble beaches, it is the ideal location for a relaxing getaway. If you are visiting the area, our Golf View hotel has direct access to Nairn Beach. So, whether you want to explore all of the beaches near Inverness, or stay local on Nairn’s golden sands, our sea-facing guest rooms at Golf View are the perfect retreat for the whole family, including your four-legged companions.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best beaches near Inverness?

Nairn Central Beach, Nairn Secret Beach, Brora Beach (rocky) and Culbin Sands.

Can you see dolphins from Nairn beach?

Yes, we recommend using binoculars. It's sometimes possible to spot seals, porpoises, and occasionally minke whales, and basking sharks.

If you are unlucky and don't see them, Nairn BID also recommend a visiting the dolphin viewing area at Chanonry Point across the Moray Firth, around 40 minutes drive away.

Where is the secret beach in Nairn?

The secret beach is by the Hilton of Delnies farm (IV12 5NU).

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