Exploring Waterfalls Around Isle of Mull

Exploring Waterfalls Around Isle of Mull

Exploring Waterfalls Around Isle of Mull

The spectacular landscape and beautiful scenery on Mull are definitely the island’s biggest attractions. There are waterfalls scattered across the island and we have created a small guide for you to go chasing the most magical falls around Mull.

Aros Park

Sometimes known as Tobermory’s back garden, Aros Park is an idyllic woodland area on the southern outskirts of the island’s capital, Tobermory. Although the park’s waterfalls are not quite as grand and spectacular as the island’s main Eas Fors attraction, the forest features several waterfalls that are connected by trails to create a waterfall walk worth taking.

The trails guide you through plush woodland with ferns, wildlife, and waterfalls around every corner. Viewpoints throughout the park provide panoramic views across Tobermory, with the rugged face of Ardnamurchan and the Sound of Mull in the distance.

This is a fun area to explore with play trails and viewpoints scattered throughout, and even free-to-use barbeques dotted across the park.

Aros Park Isle of Mull

Eas Fors

The most popular waterfall to visit on the Isle of Mull is Eas Fors Waterfall, which funnily translates as ‘waterfall waterfall waterfall’ from its Gaelic and Norse origins. Situated a couple of miles north of the Ulva ferry, just off the B8073 road, the area around the waterfall offers stimulating views across Loch Tuath and beyond to the island of Ulva.

Unlike other attractions across Mull, Eas Fors is not sign posted, however the parking facilities along the road are often a good indicator to visitors that they are closeby. 

Eas Fors is split into three sections, the upper falls which can be viewed above the road, the middle falls below the road and under the bridge, and the lower falls beyond the cliff edge. Top tip - below the middle falls there is a lovely pool which acts as a great picnic spot for a mid-adventure rest.

Upper Falls at Eas Fors Isle of Mull

Although waterfalls tend to put on a more spectacular show following heavy rainfall, it’s important that you take great caution when venturing around the cliff edges and slippery rocks. There are no barriers at Eas Fors, so it would be advisable to keep children and dogs away from the dangerous cliff section of the lower falls.

However, to view the magnificent lower section of the waterfall safely, you can follow tracks from the road down to the shoreside and watch the water crash onto the rocks below and admire the falls in all its glory.

Lower Falls at Eas Fors Isle of Mull

Waterfalls on Ben More

If you want to track down some undiscovered waterfalls that most island visitors have yet to find, there are some real hidden gems in the hills of Ben More. On the Loch na Keal side of the hills, you’ll find the waterfall at Derryguaig where the water floods dramatically down the face of the cliff into an idyllic pool of aqua blue water. Surrounded by trees and filled with rock pools, this is a spot filled with natural beauty.

Waterfall on Ben More Isle of Mull

Staying on Mull

As the second largest island in the Inner Hebrides, Mull is definitely worth a visit. With lots to see and do, exploring the beautiful waterfalls across the island is an added bonus. 

There are plenty more activities and attractions to discover when you stay with us at our newly renovated Isle of Mull Hotel & Spa.Once you’ve finished exploring the beautiful falls surrounding Mull, escape from it all, enjoy a luxurious Mull spa treatment, an indulgent meal at our Òran na Mara Bistro or a few drinks at the bar overlooking our spectacular location. 

We’ve got some more Mull travel tips & inspiration for your next getaway to the isles. 

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