Fishing In Aberdeen

Fishing In Aberdeen

Fishing In Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

Someone once said ‘a bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work’, and we couldn’t agree more!

Scotland has some of the finest fishing spots and when fishing in Aberdeenshire, every location boasts beautiful scenery and a promising catch. Whether you are a fishing fanatic or a beginner looking to discover a new hobby, the north east of Scotland offers many great places to fish. This includes catching salmon in the River Dee and experiencing some of the best trout fishing in Europe on the River Don.

Attracting keen anglers from across the globe, there is no doubt that fishing culture plays an important role in the communities of Aberdeenshire. We’ve listed some of the best, renowned fishing spots in the local area along with some tips that will give you an even better experience.

Although there are many exciting fishing spots by the city and in the countryside, it is important to follow local angling rules and regulations to respect and protect the beautiful landscape and habitats of Aberdeenshire.

River Dee

The River Dee is a picturesque fly fishing river that stretches over Aberdeenshire and is renowned for some of Scotland’s finest fresh salmon fishing. The river begins its journey in the Cairngorms mountain range and travels downstream for 87 miles, before reaching the North Sea in Aberdeen, on the north east coast of Scotland. This fast-flowing and crystal clear river is home to multiple salmon pools, offering some of the richest salmon fishing waters in Scotland. With its royal connection to the Queen’s Balmoral holiday home, the River Dee offers a truly memorable fishing experience in one of Scotland's most scenic fishing locations.

River Don & River Ury

The Inverurie Burgh Fishings is a maintained area of fishing managed by the Inverurie Angling Association that welcomes members and visitors to enjoy some of Aberdeenshire’s greatest fishing. The six miles of the River Don and River Ury is a great stretch of water that is surrounded by wooded

countryside, with spectacular views of the Donside Hills. The deep pools and unsettled bends create excellent conditions to catch a variety of fish.

To the north of Inverurie, there is a 2.5 mile span of the River Don; recognised as a premier salmon and sea trout river, as well as being home to some of the best brown trout fishing in Europe. The fast-flowing streams and rocky pools make this a wonderful river to explore. With a variety of waters and locations to fish, you are bound to find the perfect fishing spot.

Alternatively, the Inverurie Fishings offer a further four miles of waters on the right bank of the River Ury. As a major tributary to the River Don, this river is much smaller; however, the meandering course provides a great opportunity to catch many trout, and the occasional salmon.

Fishing in these locations is generally from the banks, as most pools and deep streams are widely accessible. Whether you choose to fish on the left bank of the River Don or travel further to the right bank of the River Ury, the Inverurie Fishings is an enjoyable area of Aberdeenshire waters; with a promising chance of a great catch.

Coastal Fishing

Thanks to its many coastal villages and harbours, Aberdeenshire also attracts many sea anglers. Coastal fishing from boat or shore is a very popular activity, with the opportunity to catch a tasty cod or mackerel during your expedition. The rugged coastline, sandy beaches and deep coves of Aberdeenshire provide some of the best shore fishing in Scotland. The coastline from Arbroath to Aberdeen boasts some of the best sands to catch cod, pollock and coalfish. Further north of Aberdeen, the fishing at Cruden Bay, Sanford Bay and Peterhead Harbour are excellent shores to catch mackerel, sea trout, sea bass and many other saltwater species. Aberdeenshire anglers can look forward to beautiful scenery, and most importantly, a promising catch.

Hiring a ghillie

Although anglers can hire day permits across Inverurie and Aberdeenshire, hiring a ghillie is an exciting way to make the most of your fishing experience. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, a ghillie is a Gaelic word for fishing guide.

Whether you are an experienced angler or novice fisher, their knowledge and experience of the local waters and landscape will truly enhance your experience, and most come equipped with great tales to tell and skills to share.

Fishing near Thainstone House

There are fishing opportunities all year round in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, so whenever you plan to visit, it is definitely worth exploring the many angling activities in the area. Whether you stay local in Inverurie to discover the waters of the River Don and River Ury, or plan to tour the fishing opportunities across Aberdeenshire; our Thainstone House hotel acts as a great base for your next fishing adventure.


If you've finished your fishing expedition early or the weather has turned for the worst, there are plenty of other things to do in Aberdeenshire, including our infamous castle trail, hiking through the Cairngorms or enjoying a gentle walk along some of Aberdeen’s most beautiful beaches.

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