Isle of Mull Whale Watching

Isle of Mull Whale Watching

Isle of Mull Whale Watching

Whale watching and sighting is an activity that has broad appeal in many locations around the world, and with the Hebrides as the number one whale watching destination in the UK, whales are known as one of the best creatures to see in Scotland.

Scotland is home to an exceptional range of wildlife and the landscape of the Isle of Mull offers an ideal home to an array of cetacean species, which is the collective term for whale, dolphins and porpoises. Although the neighbouring waters to the island act as an exceptional home to these creatures, the success of your whale watching trip depends on being in the right place at the right time.

Many species of whales migrate throughout the year to ensure they have a sufficient source of food, and that’s why the Scottish seas are a popular destination as they are filled with some favourite food sources; including salmon, sole, herring and cod.

Although whales tend to move around, the mix of cool currents from the Irish Sea and warm currents from the Atlantic waters creates the perfect environment for a whale sighting.

Whale tale near Isle of Mull

Whale Watching Around Isle of Mull

According to the experts, the best season to spot whales around Mull and the Inner Hebrides is between mid June and late September, and can usually be located in rich feeding areas such as the Gulf of Corryvreckan. The rugged coast of Mull is filled with bays and rocky caves which offer the ideal environment for whale species, dolphins and porpoises to be found.

The humpback and minke whale is commonly seen during the summer season and occasionally minke whales can be spotted between September and October. However, orcas tend to come and go as they please, so there’s a chance to see these magnificent whales in the waters at any time of the year.

Minke Whale near Isle of Mull

Isle of Mull Whale Watching Tours

No matter when you visit the Isle of Mull, there will always be something to see in the surrounding waters. Over twenty cetacean species have been spotted around the Hebrides in the last twenty years, from the resident minke whales and bottlenose dolphins to the less frequently spotted Fin Whale and even the largest animal on the planet, the Blue Whale.

One of the best ways to find and see these wild creatures in their natural habitat is on a guided boat tour, delivered by the professionals.

Based in Tobermory, Sea Life Surveys offer daily tours to explore the waters between Mull, Ardnamurch and the Isle of Coll. Visitors have the opportunity to witness minke whales, basking sharks and more, with the guided help of an experienced skipper and professional wildlife guide on every tour.

Whales near Isle of Mull

Staying on the Isle of Mull

Whether you are capable of exploring the waters by yourself or would prefer to be guided by wildlife professionals, Mull is one of the best whale watching destinations in the UK. From commonly spotted minke whales to infrequent visitors such as the fin whale, there’s always an opportunity to see these wild species in their natural habitat - the best way to do so!

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